Accessing your online gallery

Craig Newbery Photography hosts images through SHOOTPROOF, a streamlined website that allows you to view all of the edited photographs from your session. Even if you're not very tech-savvy, I promise you won't have an issue navigating your gallery.

Once your photos are ready to view, you'll receive a notification via email. This notification email will include detailed instructions on how to access your online gallery. For your convenience, I've also included instructions here.


1. Open the notification email.
2. Click on the "View Gallery" Button in your email.
3. Locate the "Open Gallery" Button on the web page.
4. Create an account using your email address and the password that was provided in your email.
5. After creating your account, you'll be able to see all your images. From here, you can save images to your favorites.

Note, This is where we preserve your photos for a lifetime. If you ever need access to these photos after the gallery initially expires in three months just give us a call!